Destination : Samos Islands

The Greek Island of Pythagoras …
Powdery beaches, shaded by tamarisk trees, slope gently into the clear sea. Beyond: vineyards, citrus fruit orchards and woods of walnut, plane and chestnut trees; rugged mountain trails leading to cooling waterfalls; ancient wonders that include a miracle of engineering.

One of a cluster of beautiful islands in the north east Aegean, just a brush from the Turkish coast of Anatolia, with a mountain range that dominates the interior – forbidding at its two towering peaks, yet the island is gentle, luxuriant and welcoming down below. Holidays in Samos attract many a loyal traveller back to its coves, fertile hillsides and unusual ancient monuments and sites, such as the Eupalinos aqueduct – geometrically planned and a staggering 1036m in length.

As a gateway to vital trade routes, this destination enjoyed prosperity through the ages, trading as far afield as Egypt and Gibraltar. Even today Vathy sea port is alive with watercraft, from small private boats to the local ferry, plying their way across to neighbouring islands including Chios, Kos, Rhodes, Kalymnos, Lesbos and Thessaloniki.

Relatively unsung today, this is a wonderful place relished by families and couples alike, who love the space and safety of the beach to explore or simply to relax. Our small, intimate hotel overlooks an idyllic bay and is ideal for those seeking relaxation.

The fish is legendary, the wine among the finest in the Mediterranean and returning to one’s favourite, unpretentious taverna is one of the simple pleasures to be enjoyed during a visit – and no doubt savoured here once by Epicurus, whose philosophy was to enjoy a life of fulfilment and tranquillity.


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